21" Real Touch Blue Hydrangea Artificial Flowers with Long Stem & Leaves, Full Latex Faux Hydrangea Flowers for Home Decor Party Floral Arrangements Wedding Bouquets Centerpieces, 3Pcs

  • đź’—REALISTIC TOUCH & FEEL: Made with 3D print latex, these artificial hydrangea flower feel soft and moist, just like the real flower. Our petals have realistic textures and bright colors, and the stems are made with iron wire inside, which are more durable than other stems on the market. Upgrade to our Real Touch Hydrangea and enjoy the beauty of nature year-round!
  • đź’—FULLER HYDRANGEA: Larger and more fluffy! Our one hydrangea head is worth other's three silk heads. Including 3 realistic hydrangeas and 3 butterflies, each latex hydrangea head has a head diameter of 8.6 inches and 196 soft petals. The stem is 16.5'' and has a realistic appearance. Even when viewed from close range, no one will doubt that it is fake.
  • đź’—3D BUTTERFLIES DIY YOUR UNIQUE STYLE:Real touch hydrangea flowers are a versatile option for DIY projects. With its realistic appearance and vivid butterfly, it can be used to create various beautiful crafts and decors. Plus, our flower stems are bendable and and can be cut with garden shears, allowing you to create unique and personalized gifts for loved ones easily.
  • đź’—CAREFREE MAINTAIN ETERNAL BEAUTY: The faux hydrangea flowers don't need watering or pruning to stay alive and beauty for a long time. The petals are made of natural latex, you can wash them with water for a refreshed look. For those who are busy or allergic to real flowers, latex hydrangea is a healthy and perfect choice.
  • đź’—VERSATILE IN USE: Our hydrangea flowers and 3D butterflies feature gorgeous color and elegant style, which are suitable for any season or occasion, especially perfect for centerpieces, wedding decor, floral arrangements, daily vases, table centerpieces, home decor and more. Look forward to your amazing floral creations with our latex hydrangea!