Carnage Action Figure, Red Venom Toy, Yamaguchi Carnage Action Figurine, Moveable Vinyl Doll, Japan Version

  • 💥Yamaguchi Carnage Venom Action Figure is made of PVC. It measures 6.2 inches. This is a very practical size toy that no one will get tired of. Not small, not big, just perfect size!
  • 💥Carnage action figure has been painted in a pleasing to the eye red color, catchy but not obtrusive. The black elements make the figure look real.
  • 💥The main advantage of the Carnage figure is its moving parts with 40 attachment points. This Venom figure can take any posture. For those who are fond of drawing this is a great inspiration model.
  • 💥The figure is suitable for kids at the age of 14+. The toy will also be a desired by younger generation which should be alloved to play with it only under the supervision of an adult.
  • 💥Yamaguchi Carnage Venom Action Figure is a gift that everyone will be grateful for. Extremely flexible figure is not boring, but unique and truly rare.