Thinker Statues and Sculptures, Sandstone Resin Thinker Statue Ornaments, Abstract Style Sculptures, Housewarming Gifts, Housewarming Decorations, Living Room Dining Desk Decorations (Right, Small)

  • 【Sandstone Material】: Our sandstone resin thinker statue is made with sandstone one-piece molding technology, the outer surface is neat and smooth.
  • 【Beautiful Shape】: The thinker sculpture has a simple and smooth shape, a simple and powerful shape, full of imagination, and adopts the design method of abstract expression, which is suitable for various decorative styles and enhances the overall taste of the decorations.
  • 【Wide Use】: Our abstract style sculptures can be placed in addition to being used as home decorations, desk decorations, and meeting room decorations, in addition to being used as decorations in fish tanks.
  • 【Perfect Gift】: This abstract sculpture is very suitable as a holiday gift for family or friends, a moving gift, it is both beautiful and practical, it is definitely an unexpected surprise gift.
  • 【Product Size】: 2.16*2.16*4.92"/5.5*5.5*12.5 cm(L*W*H). Our sandstone resin sculpture is very easy to clean, just wipe it with daily practical tissue, of course, it can also be rinsed directly with water.