Weed Puller Tool, Stand Up Weed Puller Long Handle Removable Steel Tube and Non-Slip 4 Claw Steel Head Design, Manual Weeders Easily Remove Dandelion Root Tool Gardening Patio Yard(47 in)

  • 【Upgraded Weed Puller】4-claw metal steel head is connected by a fixed shaft, which solves the problem of screw falling off. Stand up weed puller has been upgraded from cast aluminum to metal iron, which solves the problem of 4-claw head, broken and bent wooden poles. Metal long shaft and 4-claw steel head spray paint will not rust. The weed puller is added with anti-slip function, uprooted weeds, making it an ideal weeding tool the garden tools for gardening.
  • 【Stand Up Weed Puller】The long handle standing up weeder is removable and has a length of 47 In. The garden weeder improves the traditional bending over to pull weeds, which can pull out weeds with one hand, without the need to bend over or kneel to pull weeds, and avoid back pain. The garden weeder is a good gift for grandfather, grandmother, grandpa, grandma, father, mother, husband and wife
  • 【Metal Steel Manual Weeders】The hand weeder tool is made of metal iron. It consists of 4-claw steel head, long-handled steel pipe and nut. Compared to other plastic, aluminum and wooden weeders, DMDMBSR weeders are more durable. Whether it's dry weather or after a rain, hand weeders can uproot weeds.
  • 【How To Use? 】The weed puller is easy to use. The 4-claw steel head of the standing weed puller is aimed at the weeds, and the pedals are inserted into the soil, and the weeds and roots can be easily pulled out. Dandelion weed puller remover permanently remove dandelion crabgrass, thistle, tap root, crab grass, taproot, plantain, clover, burdock, bush. Weed puller suitable for gardening patio lawn weed removal tool
  • 【Installation Method】The standing weed puller consists of 4-claw metal steel heads, 3 metal steel pipes, and 2 metal nuts. The 4-claw metal head is fixedly connected with the lever tube and does not need to be assembled again, and the 3-section metal rod and metal nut are connected by thread. Compared with other plastic, wooden weeder, DMDMBSR weed picker are stronger and more stable and will not bend or break.